Dear Friend,

As women, we are in a position of great influence in the lives of our husbands and children, friends and communities.

A woman whose life gets transformed by God changes a family from the inside out and ultimately a nation, one family at a time.

I am so grateful to God that He has seen it fit for mentoring to become such a powerful tool for reaching and transforming women in different nations and cultures. The culture of His Kingdom has gripped our hearts and transformed our lives to represent and reflect Him more accurately

May this global initiative to take hands as me2mentoring women enable, empower and release generations of women in their quest to walk out their lives in connection with Him and one another.

Have fun as you pursue Him and the beautiful journey He has laid out for your life.

Much love,

Eds xx

Louis and Edna Els are the Apostolic Leaders of Victory Church. They have always placed a high value on relationships and family and the transforming power of His Kingdom on both individual lives and the community at large. Edna pioneered Me2 Mentoring with just 12 girls. Now, Me2 is influencing women all around the world.