Love in Action

My name is Anne and i’m a mentoring leader at Victory Christian Church, Jeffreys Bay.

I was approached by Lorinda, one of the mentoring ladies who owns the beauty salon Aqua Spa, as her and her ladies wanted to give back to the community and use their skills to bless some less fortunate girls with pedicures. I had the perfect group of young ladies that I knew would be so thrilled by this pampering experience.
The girls, ranging from 14-18, are a group of teenagers from the township/location who volunteer their time at an afterschool program at Victory4All ( On a Monday afternoon these girls are mentored and on a Thursday they give back.

They are stunning youth leaders who give of their time and heart to serve God and the next generation.

Despite some harsh realities of their lives, their circumstances may be very different to Western teenage girls, these young ladies are strong and full of determination to change their world around them.

So on a sunny Monday afternoon, 5 ladies from Aqua Spa, including Lorinda herself, came to the Victory4All worship centre with footbaths, massage oils and everything you could need for the ultimate pedicure.

It is truly amazing to see the joy on the young girls’ faces as they feel valued and loved through this simple but generous gesture of these professional ladies.

Blessed by the Journey

My name is Jenna from Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

It’s such a privilege to co-lead a mentoring group with Anne and Amber. Not because “we get to lead” but because we get to play a part in seeing the transformation in young girls’ lives.  We have got the most amazing and beautiful young girls who have given us permission to speak life, love, acceptance and truth into their lives – and what an honour and a pivilege!
I’ve been so bless by the mentoring process, and it has had such a great impact in my life having an older woman love me, encourage me, believe in me and pray for me through the good and bad, and now I get to be that older woman!
I’m so excited to see where Father takes us as a group, as our friendships grow, as our lives change and as we trust in Him for one another and ourselves.  I know that God’s ways work and that mentoring works, so bring on 2012 – it’s going to be a year to remember as our lives (and especially my life!!), is transformed through relationships.
KIM 2012

JBay Mentoring Leaders Camp Experience


My name is Kim, and this is my first year as a mentoring leader at Victory Christian Church, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

As we all know we kick of the year with a leaders meeting and here at Victory we went on a leaders camp to Eerste Rivier.
Being my first leaders camp in some time I was a little intimidated and nervous about the weekend as I am not used to so many women in one area all at once.
I found the first night a little bit awkward, but it was the Saturday morning that changed my heart.
Being in the worship team, I get a front row seat to see everyone worship and praise God, and that morning, playing my guitar, I watched as 70 odd women worshipped our Kind with all their hearts and I was so touched!
My heart was moved that weekend, especially with our small group time where we washed feet and prayed for one another.  Spending time encouraging one another and lifting one another up in prayer and seeing how God touched lives in that simple action has warmed my heart to these ladies and i’m not afraid of meeting together with them any more!