Me2 mentoring is about a lifestyle of relationships that are vital & life changing.

It is about coming alongside one another on life’s journey and purposefully walking with one another.

A mentoring relationship is different from other relationships, because it has a specific purpose. In Me2 the specific purpose is to grow in Christlikeness which results in us representing and reflecting Christ in our everyday lives. Me2 is a lifestyle and a journey, not a program.

Kara Nothnagel

Walking with my mentor has been such a blessing to me because she knows the very worst of me and still loves and accepts me! Our relationship is not based on performance but a true understanding of who each one is. Authentic relationship was one of the keys to freedom and liberty and I have me2 to thank for that!

Kara NothnagelTransparency
Lydia Weyer

I am grateful for people in my life that love me enough to put pressure on areas of my life that need to be re-aligned with the Word of God. Without that, I am inclined to hide behind a mask of “everything’s okay” and never allow the Spirit of God to bring adjustments to my character. It’s an uncomfortable but rewarding process…

Lydia WeyerAlignment
Margreet Wibbelink

I was an independent young lady looking for purpose and direction but all on my own. Through mentoring and accountability I learned to share my life, thoughts, dreams, desires and fears with others. This facilitated change in my life – through accountability and openness. I could become who God intended me to be. Where nothing is hidden, the enemy can’t pull you down or have a hold on you.

Margreet WibbelinkIndependence