Edna pioneered Me2 with just 12 girls in 1999. Their vision was, to become women of the Word and Spirit, known by their love for God and one another. What started off as ladies, excited to share their passion for God and committed to sharing their lives with one another, became the template of a relational lifestyle that would change and shape the spiritual lives of hundreds of women on different continents.

ME2 is an inclusive name, it says, I’M IN!


God and I TOGETHER. According to Amos 3:3 We walk TOGETHER 2×2.  Where 2 agree on earth in prayer, God does it! [ Matthew 18v19-20 ] One puts 1000 to flight, 2 puts 10 000 to flight [ Deuteronomy 32v30a], so when we stand together, there’s a Godly synergy involved. Where two or more gather together, He is present! 


We were created with an inner vacuum that is God-shaped and can only be filled by having a personal relationship with Him. However, God chose to fashion us in a way that we also need to have meaningful relational connections with others. 

Being transformed through relationships with God and one another


A relationship is a state of connectedness between two people. A mentoring relationship is purposeful: it means purposefully coming alongside one another on life’s journey to carry out His mandate by imitating those who pattern their lives after HIM in order to become Christ-like. 

As you browse through this site may you get a glimpse of what “Passionate purpose-fueled relationships” look like!