Testimony: From Mandy Watson

My name is Mandy Watson, I am 30 years old.

I am part of Victory Christian Church in Jeffrey’s Bay and I have been mentored and had the privilege of mentoring others since I was a 19yr old pip with no clue.

I am now a married mother of three small children and I thought we were done with kids, until a few months ago when we felt a desire stirring for a fourth child. God began to speak to us about being obedient in this area and as our hearts said, “yes” everything in our heads said, “no way”.

We felt God began to speak the name and destiny of a child and shortly after we made up our minds that it would cost us more if we didn’t

follow His will for our family, we conceived.

We were so excited!!!

About 2 weeks ago in May I was about 12 or 13 weeks pregnant according to the doctors, when things took a sudden turn.

As I laboured through the night hours, I wrestled and had the faith to stand on the promises I had received for my fourth child but I heard the still small voice say, “It’s okay, you can let it Go and trust me!”

With an overwhelming sense that God was right there with me, His peace and presence comforting me, I knew it was over and I could rest in knowing that His ways are higher than mine.

We had our tribal meeting 4 days later and up until then, although I still felt the peace of God, I had been in a state of shock and unable to feel my emotion.

In our meeting where I felt safe and supported, God ministered to the deepest parts of my heart through the ladies who walk out life with me and during the worship I was able to feel the pain and start the necessary process of healing.

We are not always able to work these things out in our minds, God’s peace will not take away the pain but it will enable us to go through the valley because it is the peace that surpasses all understanding and we are prisoners of Hope.

Choosing to Worship Him despite the circumstance will also not take away the pain, but it will help us to keep our focus in the right place for He is our Hope, our strong tower, our deliverer and restorer and Redeemer!

He makes all things beautiful in His time!

I have heard of women who have been through such things as abortion and miscarriages etc and they have suppressed these things by keeping it to themselves for years and years and God’s heart is for us to walk free from these burdens which are not ours to carry!

I know I am still on my road to recovery, but I have found that freedom and healing comes through my God and being able to trust the family and friends that He has surrounded me with.

I value the vital relationships I have built through me2.

I am surrounded by women of faith who have intentionally given their lives to challenge me and others to the next level through the way that they live their lives!

Over the years I have learned Kingdom Principles and values through me2 that have set me up for life, and the most exciting part is that it’s not only for me it’s also for my children, their children and their children’s children and of course for you and yours too!

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