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Me2 mentoring is about a lifestyle of relationships that are vital & life changing.

It is about coming alongside one another on life’s journey and purposefully walking with one another.

A mentoring relationship is different from other relationships, because it has a specific purpose. In Me2 the specific purpose is to grow in Christlikeness which results in us representing and reflecting Christ in our everyday lives. Me2 is a lifestyle and a journey, not a program.


I am so grateful for the mentoring! It has brought me into a place of fearless vulnerability and has taught me to be accountable! I never have to fear speaking about what is on my heart because I know that the women walking out life with me want to listen and walk things out together!

Nicole Honeywill


I have experienced love and acceptance through authentic relationships.  These people speak the truth in love and yet it’s a place where I can be transparent and real which has brought such freedom to my life.  I realize I am fully loved and fully accepted by Him and through Him with those He places around me. With this value in my life I trust to bring freedom to those I influence through valuing authentic relationship.

Sune Bradfield


Walking with my mentor has been such a blessing to me because she knows the very worst of me and still loves and accepts me! Our relationship is not based on performance but a true understanding of who each one is. Authentic relationship was one of the keys to freedom and liberty and I have me2 to thank for that!

Kara Nothnagel