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If you had asked me years ago what I wanted to do with my life, I would have stumbled over words like “a teacher,” or maybe “a physiologist.” The words “media” or “creative” would’ve never crossed my lips. Yet, here I find myself thrown into the ever-changing world of media where creativity is pulled out of me daily.

I laugh now when I look back and see how God has been setting me up all my life to ‘fall into the creative.’ As a little girl, I was fascinated with cameras, forever filling my dad’s phone with pictures of our garden, cat, or whatever else I could capture on film. I would drive anyone with a camera crazy because I wouldn’t stop pestering them until I could get my hands on it.


Both of my parents are creative; my mum was an aspiring artist, and my dad loved all things music―in fact, he had even dreamed of acting on a theatre stage. I remember spending hours as a child writing stories or painting. As I got older, though, people would tell me that “one can’t make it in the world of art and media.” Sadly, I believed them. I had seen how my parents’ dreams had died because of what the world had thrown at them. Slowly, without even realising it, the flame of art, media, and creativity had died within me.

About four years ago, I could feel that long-extinguished flame deep within my heart sparking back to life. I started taking pictures again, and would write stories and poetry here and there. Of course, the fear of judgment still hindered me, but then I suddenly found myself

free-falling back into creativity.

I surrounded myself with people who INSPIRED and ENCOURAGED me to create, and these people opened doors for me in the world of media. Before I knew it, I had stopped my phycology degree and was working for a local videographer who taught me everything I know about filming and video editing. Just like that, I fell in love with art and media again. I could not imagine my life without my daily dose of creativity.

I suppose what I’ve realised through this process of ‘falling into the creative’ is that the closer we draw to Jesus, the more we realise what we were created for! In other words, the more I lay down my life, the easier it becomes to pick up the dreams and desires He has placed deep within me. I was born to be creative!