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Me2 Mentoring Jeffreys Bay is rooted in Victory Christian Church.

We are not VCC exclusive; there are women from all different churches and ages that are part of us. The great thing about Me2 Jeffreys Bay is that we have a wonderful multinational society. So not only do our groups combine different ages, but also different nations. This makes Me2 very vibrant and exciting as we glean from one another, link arms, point each other to Jesus, pray for one another and live our lives together.

No matter where you come from we have Jesus in common and believe that the Word of God is the standard by which we live. It doesn’t matter where you are at spiritually, we love maturing and discipling God’s girls together!

So, if you are in the Jeffreys Bay area and want to join other women in their pursuit of a life that is God-centred, send us your information.

e: me2@victorychurch.org.za

t: 042 296 1384

w: www.victorychurch.org.za


Me2 Mentoring Durbanville is in an integral part of Oakhill.

Me2 Durbanville is not just for DFC members, it is open to anyone from Durbanville and surrounding areas.  The only prerequisite is a desire to grow spiritually and then to walk this out in relationship with other ladies. Over the years many lifelong friendships have been forged in Me2 mentoring and we rejoice at the miracles God does when we pray together.

God has blessed us with a wide variety of ladies.  Every year God has been faithful to help us find revelations in His Word. The challenge is, as always, to make these revelations a lifestyle.  This is why part of the year also includes exposure to several community projects that we present to the ladies. Each group then chooses one project to invest their time in and we have seen how this leads to a change of heart towards the poor and needy in our communities.

Countless ladies can testify to what a blessing it is to be part of me2 mentoring Durbanville and for this we thank God for showing us His way to love one another and grow in Him.

If you live in Durbanville, and you have a desire to grow deeper spiritually, while in relationship with other ladies, please contact us.

t: 021 979 2803

w: www.oakhill.org.za


Me2 Mentoring is under the covering of Paarl Family church. We are women of different ages and cultures that get together to grow in our relationship with God and one another. We choose to live life together and learn from each other. Me2 mentoring is not just exclusively for ladies in PFC, but open to the ladies in Paarl and the surrounding areas.

As we pursue a God-centered lifestyle based on the values and principles in the Bible, we also share our lives with one another. me2 is a place where authentic relationships are formed and where authentic Christianity is lived out. We believe that life is a journey that should be lived out to the full with God and others. It doesn’t matter wheather you’re a new Christian or if you’ve been serving God for years – me2 mentoring is for everybody desiring to grow spiritually and relationally.

If you are in the Paarl or the surrounding area and you’re interested in joining us in the journey, please contact the PFC office.

t: 083 715 6224

w:  www.pfc.org.za


Me2 Mentoring is meshed into the fabric of Victory Church and at the same time reaches women from different churches as well as those who don’t belong to a church family.
The heart of mentoring is relationships –developing an authentic relationship with Jesus and with one another. We have a saying in our church family, “The quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships.”  We firmly believe that we are transformed through relationship.
Women of all ages and in different seasons of life, gather together to discover the treasures found in Him and to champion one another on to be all God intends us to be. We do this through sharing His Word and perspective on life; by encouraging and praying with and for one another. We purposefully walk life together and this causes growth and maturity. We enjoy life, love people and have loads of fun as well as sharing many tears!
If you are in the False Bay area and want to join us, please contact Victory Church.

e:  info@victorychurch.capetown

t: +27 82 496 9854

w: www.victory church.capetown


Here at Life Connection Church in Calgary, Me2 Mentoring is an invaluable part of who we are as a church. We love living life together as women from different walks of life, different parts of Canada & the world.  It’s through these life-giving relationships and friendships that God continues to transform our lives as we walk with Father and one another.

We not only believe in growing as daughters in the Kingdom but also trust that others in our communities & city will come to walk as women of worth. As a group we are serving women and children at a high-security Women’s shelter in our city & God is challenging and inspiring us profoundly as we reach out to and serve these individuals.

If you are in Calgary and want fun, laughter, friends & fellowship, mixed with intimate growth and fruitfulness then contact us today to become part of this exciting journey!

e: office@lifeconnection.ca

t: 403 450 5883

w: www.lifeconnection.ca


What a privilege to see Me2 mentoring expanding into Edmonton, Alberta, Canada along side the church plant of ‘Church of the Nations Edmonton’. We are so excited about the journey we are on…’traveling’ with one another in a safe and fun manner with the purpose of knowing who we are in God and realising His destiny for our lives. We encourage one another by discussing real topics (using the Word of God as our standard), prayer times (weekly with our prayer partners) and by simply having fun. This type of relationship propels us to to the Father’s love. Our desire is for Holy Spirit’s power to flow through our lives and change the atmosphere around us – no matter where we are or who we are with.

This journey is open to any woman in our cities, Kelowna and Edmonton. We love to eat, chat, pray and bless others in our community who are in need. Hiking, visits to city parks or rose gardens (to enjoy God’s creation), or visiting the government buildings to pray would be an example of some of our special outings.

Please contact us if you are even a ‘little interested’ in joining our journey.


Sue Bishop

t: 780 952 0615

Linnette Gabert

t: 587 987 8529

w: www.cotnedmonton.ca


Me2 Mentoring is reality. Me2 is about you and me. Me2 Mentoring is a group of woman who talk & pray together. They build relationships, share lives and seek after Gods heart.

These woman of different ages and different backgrounds discover together what it is like to live according to God’s principles, that which brings life!

Are you located in or near Hattem and do you want to be part of this group of woman who stand for something?! If you are then we would love to hear from you.

e: info@christcentered.nl

Me2 Mentoring is de realiteit. Me2 gaat over jou en mij. me2 mentoring is een groep vrouwen die samen praten, bidden, die relatie bouwen met elkaar, het leven delen en samen achter Gods hart aan gaan.

Deze groep vrouwen, van verschillende leeftijden en verschillende achtergronden ontdekken samen wat het is om te leven volgens Zijn principes, datgeen dat leven geeft!

Dus woon je in de omgeving Hattem of daarbuiten, en wil je deel uitmaken van een groep vrouwen die samen ergens voor staan?! Neem dan contact met ons op via

e: info@christcentered.nl


Me2 Mentoring in Scheveningen is for women who want to grow in their relationship with God and with each other. Once a month we will meet to enjoy a meal together, to share our lives and to encourage one another. It is a safe place and we want to be open, real and honest. It’s our heart to grow closer together, to see the best in one another and to enjoy God and each other.

Me2 The Hague/Scheveningen is rooted in Reality Church Scheveningen and part of the international Me2 network. The groups are open to everyone! At the moment there are mentoring groups in Den Haag, Scheveningen, Schipluiden, and Gouda. If you would you like to join or just get more info please contact us.

e: lianne@realityscheveningen.nl

Me2 Mentoring Den Haag/Scheveningen is voor vrouwen die een verlangen hebben om samen met andere vrouwen dichter naar God te groeien. Eens per maand ontmoeten we elkaar om onze levens te delen, samen te eten en elkaar te bemoedigen. Het is een veilige plaats. We willen open, echt en eerlijk naar elkaar zijn. Ons hart is om dichter naar elkaar toe te groeien, het beste in elkaar naar boven te halen en samen een goede tijd met God en een gezellige tijd met elkaar te hebben.

Me2 Den Haag/Scheveningen is onderdeel van Reality Church Scheveningen en tevens van het internationale Me2 netwerk.Op dit moment bestaan we uit groepen,Den Haag, Scheveningen, Schipluiden en Gouda.  Meer weten of meedoen?

e: lianne@realityscheveningen.nl


Me2 Mentoring London is rooted in London Network Church (LNC) and birthed out of a hunger and passion to grow deeper in meaningful and purposeful relationships.

Many ladies in and out of LNC have benefited from deeper godly relationships as a result of being part of me2 mentoring. Me2 London comprises a wonderful multi-cultural cosmopolitan society. Through-out challenging circumstances in our nation we sense the 
gentle hand and presence of our loving heavenly Father guiding us tenderly through strong relationships built in our Me2 groups.

Although we still have further to travel on our journey, it’s exciting to witness the unfolding of our dreams!

So, if you are in the London area and want to join other women in their pursuit of a life that is God-centered, send us your information.

e: dorcasafri@aol.com

t: +44 208 740 5311